Speed, Excitement and a hike to the top

Speed, Excitement and a hike to the top

In May we start our hikes to the peaks. You can then come along on an exciting adventure trip with RIB from Valhall to Senja. This trip goes from Valhalls archipelago and on to Skrolsvik on Senja. The boat trip takes approximately 20 mins. You will be met at Skrolsvik and guided up one of the best peaks on South Senja, Sjursviktinden.

This mountain hike is expected to take about 5 hours. The trip to the top is relatively easy with no real climbing. There is little woodland and the path is stoney. The terrain levels out just before you reach the top when you can really reap the rewards of the trip. The view is fantastic! You look east towards Andørja, Rolløya, Hinnøya, Grytøya, Bjarkøy, Helløy, Flatøy, Krøttøy, Meløyvær and on to Andøya in the west.  The next part is steep before you arrive at the summit.

Then you can see the rest. The view from here is unbelievable! You can actually see right out to Måneset outside Gryllefjord and the whole mountain range that Senja has to offer with its pointed peaks and steep mountainsides  dropping into the sea. You can also see the islands of Holmenvær, Ørja and Steinavær. These islands have their own special history where they lie just outside these great mountain ranges.

You should have warm dry clothes and a small backpack with some extra clothing. It is also advisable to have good hiking boots or good comfortable walking footwear.

On the RIB you will be provided with a flotation suit belonging to the boat, which is wind and waterproof. Trips are available for 8-24 people.

Cost: 950 KR. Per person.

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