Paddling a kayak in the wonderful archipelago around Valhall can be highly recommended. If you do not own your own kayak, you can hire equipment at Valhall. We have several kayaks in various types and sizes.

From the pier at Valhall it is about an hours paddling to the centre of the archipelago. It is a simple route to paddle where you can be accompanied by a local if necessary. This trip is a real experience of nature where you can paddle right up to a colony of seals that live here. Otherwise there is a profusion of many different types of bird in the archipelago. In a kayak it is possible to get very close to them. On these trips there is always time to go ashore to have a bite to eat and something to drink and maybe stretch your legs a bit.

The experienced paddler can take the challenge of a trip over Andfjord and out to Steine. These groups of islands lie in 2 clusters where the inner cluster has been populated, unlike the outer cluster.  There is obvious evidence of settlement on the inner cluster. There are stone foundations, paths, breakwaters, wells and quays where large wharfs have stood. Today the islands are part of a protected area of the landscape and it is forbidden to go ashore between the 1st May and 15th July. This is due to the vibrant birdlife out here. (The mink has not arrived this far out at sea and the many types of bird can live undisturbed by the cold blooded bird killer)

The exception is Styrmannsholmen which is the largest island where one can go ashore throughout the year. Many plants have taken over here, amongst them the giant hogweed. Otherwise there are nice grassy areas and good conditions for mooring your boat. The windy breakwater towards the north was built in 1890/91 and protects well from the larger waves which often come in Andfjord. Steine lies so far out to sea that it is important to plan the trip. Communication and the weather forecast are important elements. Although there are 3 wells on the group of islands, it is important to have plenty of drinking water with you if you are planning on spending the night as none of the wells has clean water.  Usually it is easy to find driftwood to start a fire. Especially just after the winter you may find huge piles of driftwood that has been washed ashore. There is plenty of fish in the water so you just need a few potatoes and a few other ingredients and you can prepare a real feast.

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