Whale Safari

In the winter months, there's been Killer Whales, Humpback Whales, Fin Whales and even sometimes Sperm Whales that we have been able to observe in the area.

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Trips on the RIB from Valhall are pure nature experiences that offer several interesting stops where you are guided and places where it is possible to go ashore for a bite to eat out in the open.

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Arctic Wildlife Day Trip

Out here you might see seals, sea eagles, whales, otters, and a big amount of different sea birds.

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Eagle Safari

There are several pairs of eagles here with a good stable supply of food. Due to the consistent food supply they have been here for several years, nesting and producing young each year.

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Paddling a kayak in the wonderful archipelago around Valhall can be highly recommended. If you do not own your own kayak, you can hire equipment at Valhall. We have several kayaks in various types and sizes.

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Speed, Excitement and a hike to the top

This mountain hike is expected to take about 5 hours. The trip to the top is relatively easy with no real climbing.

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Meløyvær Fort

Meløyvær Fort, the world’s most modern coastal fortress, now a national museum. We have guiding trips inside the fort and this cost 200, pr.person minimum 6 persons. On this tour we are going inside the command center and cannon A.

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Northern Lights Top

You can enjoy a 360 degree panoramic view of the stunning archipelago found here. At the same time you hear the story about the origin of the bunker and exciting stories about how it was and have their military service time here. It’s nice and warm in here and it is also possible to order finger foods and drinks that can be enjoyed during your stay.

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We rent out kayak with, or without a guide. And we have three, 17 foot boats for rent.

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