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"Valhall - The largest and most fantastic hall in Åsgard"

The gods held their banquets here where Odin, king of all gods, ruled. Only the brave and worthy warriors that fell in battle came here. At Valhall they spent their time battling, eating and drinking. Each day they wore their army clothes and fought battles in the yard. After the battles, the slain got up uninjured and sat around the table, the best of friends. It was looked upon as honorable to die fighting and end up with the warriors at Valhall. (Nørron mythology)

Today you can find our Valhall on Krøttøy in Tore Hund’s kingdom.

Taking Valhall as a base, surrounded by wonderful landscape, you have the perfect starting point for a pure nature experience!Valhall is an adventure centre in the midst of real Viking country. A hotel in a unique environment!

With Valhall as our base, we arrange trips on land and at sea. Here you can eat, drink and sleep deep in the countryside. When you stay at Valhall which can sleep 44, you can choose from single, double or family rooms. The rooms are tastefully furnished with large windows looking out to a wonderful landscape.

All single and double rooms have large tiled bathrooms. We also have a restaurant, a bar, conference room and sauna. This makes Valhall the perfect holiday destination for enjoying nature and peace and quiet well away from disturbing traffic and noise. There are only a few necessary vehicles here for businesses connected with various activities such as team building.

Valhall is on the island of Krøttøy with a bridge connection to Meløyvær. The islands lie between Andøy, Senja, and Grytøy just outside of Harstad. Few people live here, although there are many holiday homes on the islands. This forms the basis for a quality leisurely holiday.

The islands have many beautiful white beaches where you can dream away your woes.

From here you can dive or hire a kayak and paddle around the islands and islets where you can find otters and seals and other animals.

We also arrange boat trips around the archipelago where the chances are good that we see the majestic sea eagle that nests here and produces young each year.

There trips are pure nature experiences and you mustn’t leave your camera at home. We can also hire you a boat for some sea fishing or an adventure in the archipelago.

From Nordlystoppen, which is the highest point in Krøttøy, there is a panoramic view over the fantastic archipelago.

There is also a heated bunker with viewpoint where one can stay indoors during the winter in when taking part in a trip to see the Northern Lights.

Valhall offers the best of nature adventures, which is why we are called a nature experience centre.

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