The most unique place to stay in Troms?

The most unique place to stay in Troms?

Elegance of the Arctic


Valhall is an adventure centre in the midst of real Viking country. A hotel in a unique environment! Valhall is on the island of Krøttøy. The island lies between Andøy and Senja. Just north of Harstad. With Valhall as our base, we arrange exciting trips on land and at sea, all year round. Here you will have wonderful experiences, local food, and sleep deep in the countryside.

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Fantastic location with almost zero light pollution, the view of the Aurora borealis(northern light) is spectacular. The hotell is situated in the auroral zone and lay where the occurrence is the greatest.

Combined with an intimate and personal experience of northern norways food culture and people, this is the place to stay. Exotic even to the Norwegians!!!


Yes, what is not to like...the most wonderful place in the world! I have traveled quite a bit over the world and Valhall is the most special place ever! Thank you Einar and are the BEST!


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